Week 6: The Relief of Being a Creature of Habit

I had a great week! Not just because the scale was nice to me. But I felt on point all week. I fasted when I wanted to, I stayed solidly at my deficit, I kept hydrated, I did my workouts.

Halloween dietI was reading the other blogs last night and this morning, and it struck me. I’m back in my routine. I’d been OUT of routine for so many weeks; it was starting to feel like a kind of uncomfortable and distasteful normal. But this past week my 3-year old has been back at daycare, and I spent a lot of time recouping myself. I needed it.

I also got my period VERY early. Which sent me trolling again into the old forums and reading about hormone flux and weight loss. We are sensitive creatures, aren’t we? When we disrupt old habits for new, our bodies have to adjust. I wasn’t worried about it, but I’ve not had a period be so early since I was in high school and NEVER had normal cycles.

I must admit; I have always disliked the word routine. It made me feel like I was locked into something I couldn’t change, that I didn’t have a say so. When my kids were babies, I was supposed to have a routine so they’d eat and burp and poop and sleep when they were supposed to. But our routines were constantly disrupted by something, and I had to be flexible. So I’ve figured out over the last few years that I really am a creature of habit, but I do things under a looser code. I don’t need my time-frames to be exact. I don’t need everything planned down to the nitty gritty.

I need a framework, but I need freedom. I need rules, but I need the ability to experiment. I need boundaries, but I need to know within those bounds it’s no hold barred. I’m a quick thinker. I can turn on a dime. But I don’t like chaos. I don’t like anarchy. So I am, when all is said and done, really a creature of my habits.

What I Learned:
– I need a routine a whole lot more than I thought I did
– My routines, though not as structured as some, are still routines
– We can become creatures of new habits

What I Did:
– I lost 5 lbs and am at a weight I haven’t seen since April 9, 2001
– I lost hardly any inches, but perhaps that’s because I got my TOM the night before measures
– I fasted twice for 22-24 hours
– I ate 7182 of my 7800 weekly budget. I usually eat right at my total calories, but for some reason this week I just wasn’t hungry.

What a Halloween!

I am probably the worst Grinch there is when it comes to Halloween. I don’t buy candy, and I don’t enjoy dressing up, and we usually just go out to eat to avoid the trick or treat onslaught. So tonight I loaded my husband and mother and my son up and off to dinner we went. We were going to go to a place called Fritz and Frites in Galena IL. But when we got to Galena the entire downtown area was closed to traffic, and we had to go back to Dubuque. So we ended up at the casino and had dinner at the Woodfire Grill. I should have known it was a bad choice when the prices were not listed on the menu!

But I had sea bass and baby bok choy with mashed potato and wilted spinach. I shared with my mom and only ate about 1/4 of my potatoes and half the spinach. I gave her about 1/3 of my fish too. I totally blew it though and had two margaritas and about half a piece of cheesecake.

According to my calorie tracker, I came in right at my maintenance calories today. I suspect it is probably 100-200 calories more at least. But it was an enjoyable evening out, and my mom actually ate a bit of food. It was nice having my son go out with us too.

So tomorrow I will drink lots of water, and try to fast at least until noon. I am not sure what I will be cooking tomorrow, but I know it will be tomato based. I have a lot of tomatoes ripening on the back porch. I may make zucchini noodles and spaghetti sauce.

We can do this ladies. This day was not quite what I was planning on, but I don’t consider it a failure. I was able to fast from 8:30 last night to 1:30 today so I only ate twice. And even though I ate more calories than I had hoped, I was able to eat good food. I know what to do to recover, and I know that I don’t have to feel guilty for an occasional over indulgence. Life happens and we have choices to make. Tomorrow will be better.