This Effect Of Marijuana On Your Eyesight

Marijuana, aka cannabis Sativa, or also known as cbd, is an intoxicating plant because of its tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) ingredient. One study revealed that 30 percent of marijuana users are potentially addicted. People who started using marijuana before the age of 18 were up to 4-7 times more likely to become addicted. Addiction will get worse if marijuana is used every day and the user has mental health problems. And even though the use of marijuana in medicine is becoming more and more common, the abuse of marijuana can still harm the body. Recently, researchers have also discovered the effect of marijuana on the eyesight of its users.

A recent study conducted by Thomas Schwitzer on 52 participants (ranging in age from 18-35 years) revealed that consumption of marijuana causes a longer time needed to pass information from the eye to the brain. The study was then conducted on 28 participants who had used marijuana at least 7 times a week in the months before the study took place. Then compared with the remaining 24 participants who had never used marijuana before. This study focused on a cell in the eye located not far from the inner surface of the retina, called retinal ganglion cells. These cells play a role in collecting visual information from the eye, before finally being streamed to the brain.

By using an electroretinogram, a method for testing the quality of the retina, the results of the tests conducted showed that participants who used marijuana took longer (98.6 milliseconds) than participants who had never used marijuana before (88.4 milliseconds) to transmit information. from the eye to the brain. When you use marijuana, the THC contained in it will be absorbed into the blood vessels and circulated throughout the body to the brain. THC then triggers your brain to release the hormone dopamine, this hormone which then affects the feeling of calm in you. However, consuming marijuana in high doses or, from suddenly high to low, can cause you to hallucinate and become agitated easily. It is different from consuming marijuana in the form of steam (cigarettes). The effect will make you feel nauseous and vomiting easily.

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