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This Is The Way To Make Your Whatsapp Status Becomes More Personal

Whatsapp users can make their status even more personal by hiding WhatsApp Status from the public and can only be seen by close friends. The method is similar to the “close friend” feature on Instagram Stories. You only need to select the contacts who can see your WhatsApp Status. How? Meanwhile, before we continue, if you need more images for your Whatsapp status, you can simply visit a website that helps you find Whatsapp status images.

The method is quite easy to do. Open the WhatsApp application and select “Status” which is in the middle between “chat” and “call”.

Then, click the menu denoted by a three-dot icon in the upper right corner and select “privacy status”. Three options will appear, the first is “my contacts”, “my contacts except”, and “only share with”. What is the difference?

If you select the “my contacts” option, then everyone who saved your WhatsApp number will be able to see the WhatsApp Status that you created.

If you select “My contacts except”, it means that everyone who saved your contacts will be able to see your WhatsApp Status with an exception.

The way to create an exception is to tick a few contacts that you do not want to see WhatsApp Status.

Lastly, is the “share with only” option. This option is the closest to creating a “close friend” on Instagram. You can select only certain contacts to share the WhatsApp Status that you created.