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How to Choose a Car GPS Navigation

GPS car navigation or so-called car Navi is a device that cannot be separated from driving activities. The car navigation will help you find the fastest direction to your destination and also provide information on nearby traffic jams. There are a variety of car navigation products available, sold with a variety of prices, functions, and types. You can click here and find out our offer.

Nowadays car Navi is something that is a staple when traveling. Does your car have car navigation installed? Here we will briefly review how to choose a car Navi for those of you who want to replace or those who just want to buy!

There are 2 types of storage for map data and song files on the car navigation device, namely the type of Hard Disk Driver (HDD) and Solid State Drive (SSD). Understand each characteristic before choosing.

Hard Disk Driver (HDD); a multifunctional product that’s right for car interiors
HDD type car navigation can not only store large map data but also can store songs and movie files from the CD that you want to play in the car. This type is suitable for those of you who really pay attention to car audio-video. The capacity of the HDD is also large so it can cover high-resolution maps and large amounts of information. However, in proportion to the number of functions it has, the price of this type of product is quite expensive.

Solid State Drive (SSD); affordable prices by prioritizing basic functions
Recently, SSDs have become the more popular car navigation model. This is because it is easier to get an SSD model with large memory and a cheap price. If you only need the basic functions of car navigation, we recommend that you choose the type of SSD.

Judging from its dimensions, car navigation is divided into 3 types, namely type 2 DIN, type portable, and type in-dash. The international standard for car navigation and car stereo sizes is DIN. One DIN measures 180 mm wide and 50 mm high. Two DINs mean the same size as 1 DIN stacked. However, it also depends on how it is installed. Meanwhile, the in-dash model whose screen is mounted on the dashboard is now increasingly difficult to find.