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Streaming Movies Without Internet Connection Problem

Watching movies via streaming is one of the activities that is often chosen to spend time. There are many online movie streaming services that you can try, such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Videos. Or you could also use a streaming site like watch movies online. Not infrequently when streaming movies, we encounter several problems. One of the most common cases is buffering. This is usually caused by an unstable internet connection. Of course, this buffering is very annoying, especially if it occurs in the middle of us watching.

First, you need to disable hardware acceleration in settings. By trying to turn off hardware acceleration, the application on your device’s machine can choose the resource requirements. Hardware acceleration is usually associated with pixelated graphics, slow streams, and crashing media players. Wifi can be the source of why the movies you watch continue to buffer. This can even happen if you expand your network and modem to make it faster. For your information, devices that are connected wirelessly to the router cannot receive data as quickly as those connected with Ethernet. A 10 Mbps router can only do half that speed to our gadgets without an Ethernet cable. This forces the media player to lower the quality of the videos you watch.

The more gadgets that are connected to the same internet network, the slower the connection we will receive. If you want to stream movies quickly, connect your device that you want to use to watch movies on the internet. After that don’t forget to disconnect the same internet connection on other devices. Before streaming movies, try going into browser settings and deleting recent history and all internet files. This is done to make sure you can watch comfortably so that internet cache and files do not overload your device. Or you could download the movie first before you watch it so internet connection would not be a problem for you.