Gold Star Siblings*

War Siblings Helping War Siblings



Gold Star Siblings, Inc. is a group of siblings, who have had brothers or sisters,
KIA in any war. Our group is non-partisan and a non-political organization.
We do not support any political canidate, nor endorse and religious
We are a non-profit service organization, supporting each other while
promoting patriotism. We will be attending and supporting siblings, as
well as their families, during the trying time before, during, and after the
fallen Hero's funeral.
We will be accepting donations continuously to help acquire Gold Star Banners,
flowers, and the Gold Star Sibling Pin. 
Through this group, our goal is to become one voice, and to reach out and help
our brothers and sisters, that are trying to deal with such a tramatic loss.
With this group we will always keep their memory alive. We will be their voices,
the voices that were silenced, way to soon. We will "Never Forget" or let others forget 
that our brothers or sisters existed, that they were here, that they had dreams, hopes, and
expectations. They are not just a " Name on a walll" or a memorial, they were real. 
   This group is in honor of our "Hero's" our "Brothers" and our "Sisters",

"We Will Never Forget". 

If you know of a Gold Star Sibling, please send them to our website.