How To Maintain Heavy-Duty Machinery Properly

John Deere is one of the most popular brands in heavy-duty vehicles. The right john deere technical manuals pdf will help you operate and maintain your equipment properly without a hassle. Maintenance of the clutch pressure plate is one of the most important things you need to remember. Always check pedal-free travel and separation gaps of the three separate levers. Replace a new part when the separation lever or splitting fork is seriously damaged. Regularly check bearing lubrication and inject lubricant if necessary. The tractor must be removed for 500 hours after the job is removed. After cleaning, it must be placed in a container filled with butter for heating. This is the lubricant that will be infused, and it is taken out after it is solidified, and the heating is not too high.

The dirt in the filter will increase with the use of the filter, the filtration capacity will be reduced, and aging and damage to other parts such as gasket will cause a “short circuit”, that is, diesel oil will enter the oil pump without being filtered. The filter core and center should be well sealed. When maintaining the paper filter element, it can be infiltrated in diesel oil for a certain period, then brushed with a soft brush. Check the hydraulic oil level regularly. It is not enough to add or change hydraulic oil. Make sure to keep it clean. When cleaning the internal parts of the hydraulic system, to prevent the oil lines from being blocked or leaking at the seals, it is forbidden to rub with a cotton swab.

The fuel tank is placed on the right side under the hood. Open the cover of the mailbox to see if there is any oil mark on the dipstick. If there is no oil trace, there is not enough oil in the steering tank. Check the cause of the oil leak, and then remove the fuel tank. Add oil to the middle of the ruler friend, and then return it to its place. When checking, the system will check whether the hydraulic steering cylinder, tube, and connection are not leaking oil, otherwise, it will cause the steering to be ineffective, and the filter in the drum will be cleaned or replaced regularly.

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