Felicity Keith’s Simple Dating Tips for Boys and Girls

your first dateAre you losing your confidence due to your single status? Do you think that you cannot ask a single girl for a date due to your shy nature? Shyness is a part of human nature.

Every person get nervous no matter how experienced they are. Women feel shyer as compared to men as Felicity Keith explains in Language of Desire.

If you are not sure, how to behave on a date, here are few tips from Felicity Keith that you should follow on your first date.

  • Keep it short- If this is your first date, than you should not plan whole date. Meet for a coffee or for a lunch, so that you can judge whether you like each other’s company or not.
  • Clothing and Personal hygiene– You should keep a check on what you are wearing. Select a clean and decent dress and keep it handy. Make all the arrangements beforehand, do not rush to market in last minute to buy matching accessories.
  • Be on time – This tip is especially for boys, if this is your first time than you should keep your partner waiting. It’s very difficult for boys to be punctual everywhere but this trait is one of the common quality that every girl desire for.
  • Help other person to feel comfortable-Find something in your partner and compliment her/him. If you do not find anything than you can complement on his/her dressing sense or choice of colors.
  • Pay attention to your date– Initially when you start talking with each other, if there is nothing common between you, than other person will reveal his/her personal information in bits, like family members, where they work, how many siblings they have. If you can notice such things than he/she will admire you for listening her/him attentively.
  • Ask good Open ended question – Think up some fun things to talk about that will reveal interesting part of your life personality. Open ended questions often use words like why or how, and not who, where or when. Make sure that your date is enjoying with you rather than putting them under pressure.
  • Share your feelings– Tell your partner that how you was feeling yesterday, excited, shy. It will make your him/her comfortable and he/she will also start sharing his/her feelings. You can find more great dating tips in Language of desire by Felicity Keith.
  • Do not discuss your EX or past relationships – You are on a verge of staring a new relationship so stop comparing or missing them.
  • Be humorous – A shared sense of humor is appreciated. Men certainly like women more who laugh at their jokes or vice versa. Make your first date lively and make sure that you are not cracking poor jokes.
  • Be watchful about the surroundings-Flirting is acceptable only in certain places, where people around you don’t make two of you as their object of entertainment.
  • Be mysterious – Do not reveal your complete history on your first date. People are always attracted towards mystery. So be little mysterious.
  • Ask questions– Whenever you are in doubt or do not have any clear idea what he/she is talking about than do raise the question. Show some interest in each other’s family.

Follow these simple tips and make your date feel special. All the best.